Saturday, 10 May 2014

gettin' my tan on

It has come to that very point in the British year where we have to take off some layers and bare a bit of skin (eekkk).  The only problem, most of us don't have much colour after hiding away in jumpers all winter.

Introducing Rimmel sunshimmer bronzing spray.  I picked this goodie up from the clearance section of Boots a couple of months back (I think is has the wrong lid but seemed otherwise undamaged) for a matter of pounds and although I didn't wear this much at first, the warm weather has exposed a bit more skin and my tan was well in need of a top-up.  And let me tell you, this does the trick!

The sunshimmer line has been well known for purse friendly instant tanning that delivers great quality, and after hearing such great things I thought I ought to give it a go!
I spray this directly on to my legs (and the rest of my body) and then rub it in with my hands which works just fine for a natural glow.  The colour is natural looking, not too orange, not too muddy, and the formula is easily applied which prevents streaks and evenly coats my legs.  In terms of wear I would say 16 hours is a little ambitious, and it isn't waterproof (big downer!) but it doesn't transfer, which I love and not something you often find in budget tanners.
When washed off, it doesn't leave any marks in my shower or come off on the towel much, but I would recommend using an old or coloured towel just in case!

I like this, it has errors but for value for money you can't go wrong!  I will definatly be keeping a closer eye on the clearance section in Boots for extra bargains!

How are you bronzing up for the summer?

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