Thursday, 13 August 2015


The more observant of you might have noticed I've been a bit absent on the blog recently, and that has been because I've been away in Croatia for a week.  I went with my family for the second time and still love it there!  We spent all of our time on the Dalmatian Coast which has lots of little islands on to explore.
Split is the main city on the Dalmatian Coast and although we didn't spend any time there, we spent a couple of days in Trogir, a nearby island accessible by car.  This tiny island has some beautiful views of the Dalmatian Coast and tiny, winding streets through the centre with cobbled streets and beautiful hidden churches around every corner.  However the area was very busy with tourists, most shops were very overpriced and it was rather loud in the evenings.  It's also worth adding that you have to pay to get into any attractions such as the bell tower and the fort and the small island limits how much you can do here.  I would recommend it but for a short stay only as there isn't much to do and no beach.

We then got a taxi from Trogir to Murter (more photos later) where we got our boat for the next week.  For those interested we had a Bavaria 46 yacht for 8 of us which was the perfect size for a week.

 One day we took a trip up to Krka National Park which is a huge waterfall with a swimming area. From Skradin, a nearby town, you can catch a ferry which takes about 20 minutes to travel up the river to the National Park. After a few days of swimming in the sea it was amazing to swim in fresh water, I want to find more fresh water places to swim!  Make sure you wear beach shoes if you plan to go in the water though because it's very easy to stub a toe on the rocks!  After swimming, we walked around the waterfall, although the walk doesn't take long there are plenty of steps but you get some amazing views and it's worth the climb!

These photos of the dragonflies were taken using a Tamron 70-300mm tele-macro lens which takes amazingly sharp close up photos, it's great if you like photographing wildlife.

One of the islands we stopped at was Zlarin, a very small island with only a handful of restaurants and no roads so there's not any cars.  It's beautifully unspoilt with pretty winding streets and flowers, pomegranates, dates, figs and apricots growing everywhere!  It was by far my favourite island which is why I photographed it so much!

And finally, I had to picture the beautiful Croatian sunset.  These photos were taken in Murter which is another pretty area with some great views and Hramina Marina, the nicest marina I've ever been to (if you sail you will really appreciate a really nice marina with great showers).

So there you go, a few photos from my time in Croatia.  I fully recommend sailing around the Dalmatian Coast if you're into that as it's the best way to explore islands and find beautiful little coves for lunch spots, go swimming and get a great tan!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post!

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