Saturday, 17 May 2014

ASOS wishlist

As I have already been rather adventurous this month and strayed into the world of haircare, I thought I would also dip my toe into the pool of fashion blogging.  Ok, I am not up for sharing all the outfits I wore this week just yet, but for the time being we can all admire what I have had my eye on (and don't have the money for) from ASOS.

As you can see, its mostly muted and monochrome colours, plenty of prints and a mixture of casual and sophisticated cuts.

Plus, my new cartilage piercing (see picture HERE on twitter) has got me all obsessed with earrings.  


Sorry for the quick post but I have had 6 exams this week so you know, been a tad on the stressful side!  I have my last one next week though so after that you can expect a couple of bonus posts! Ooohhh, how exciting?!

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