Sunday, 4 May 2014

Backcomb in a bottle

My hair is extremely stubborn and often refuses to react to any product I apply (hence the extreme lack of hair-related posts), however Umberto Giannini have not only come up with a texturizing product that works in my hair, but also has an effect that holds for the whole day!  If you are forever wishing for second day hair, here is your solution.

Now, it all sounds a little familiar to the Oribe dry texturizing spray, correct?  Well, unfortunately I can't fully compare it because I can't fork out for a bottle (nice cars are expensive you know!), but I can only imagine it has a similar effect minus the slightly sticky feel it can leave.
However for value of money, this one is worth picking up. I start by spraying this directly to the roots of my hair and massaging it in a little which provides some grit to create volume and then loosely spray it through the mid-lengths to create a little extra body.  Very quick and oh-so-easy!

With salt sprays being 'so last year', this has been my everyday go-to for texture.  Love it.  I will defiantly be picking up the full size next time I pop into Boots (It's only £6.00!)

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a bottle - £6.00

PS: So, you may notice a little blog re-vamping that has been going on here.  Some parts still aren't working but I am trying to get that fixed.  It's goodbye to Hey, its Em and hello to emma lsrs!  You can follow HERE on bloglovin for all my new posts, the old page won't be updated.  Enjoy!


  1. This really want to pick this up my hairs so flat I need something that will add a little volume. I would never fork out for the Oribe one as it's crazy expensive but can't wait to give this one a try :D x

    1. I have the same issue with flat hair and this really helps! It just gives that bit of grit to volumize. x


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