Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MODELS OWN nail polish

Last December at the clothes show, I came across a massive Models Own stand, I had heard of the brand before but not really bothered looking at any of the products.  They had an amazing offer, in which you got two nail polishes of your choice, a lip liner, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner two loose eyeshadows, a lip balm, a lip gloss, nail scissors, a nail buffer and file thing, oh and a magazine!  And it all cost £10 (you usually pay £6 for 1 polish!).  After actually doing the maths of this deal I thought the products were going to be crap and awful quality but I was proved wrong!  I love almost everything!  

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nasty Gal - (It's a shop)

When doing my daily browse of online shopping, I came across this amazing website, I think i'm in love!

Nasty Gal is an online store and they sell loads of really unique pieces that vary from your most needed, high quality essentials to the quirkiest and most 'on trend' pieces!  
After just spending 5 minuets on the website I found this amazing 'night cat' romper (not really a term we use in England) which reminds me of the outfit that Ariana Grande wears in her music video 'The way' which is actually a cami with some black shorts rather than a dress (which I thought it was!).  This basic romper could easily be dressed up casually and become a gorgeous outfit, or you could team it with a blazer and make it much more formal, either way I am obsessed, however I don't think I can afford it at £51.30 and I don't think I would wear it that often.

They sell clothes, shoes, swimwear, intimates (I love this term!) and an awesome vintage section which I have been browsing for ages now.  Unfortunately it's kind of pricey across the whole store but if you are willing to spend over £40 on an item then, if you are anything like me, you will love this store!

I also love the sizes, as a very slim girl I hate not being able to find my size but this store has sizes XXS - L which is great because I have the option of getting tiny sizes which many shops don't offer.

I am aware that they have being trying to tempt me for months now on youtube, however, I have learnt to resist until today!

I'm guessing that you like blogs, because you are reading this (which happens to be a blog!), and I found that the company also has a blog HERE IT IS!

Once again, I am sorry for the lack of writing but I'm sure you will have your own opinions on this store, let me know?

Em x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tanning moisterisers? Good or bad?

I am certainly not the only one who has taken this beauty trend on, a load of my friends love this less guilty version of tanning.  Just to let you know I am not totally behind, I did discover this about 3 years ago, but of course I didn't have a blog then.  

So if you get a spray tan everyone knows because you look like you might have been on holiday overnight (or attacked by some orange paint), however the tanning moisteriser builds up a tan more gradually, making it seem more natural and in my opinion, less orange.  As a bonus this solution to bronzed skin also moisterisers, making your skin soft so all you need is a quick shave and your legs will be ready to bear!  For me, this encourages me to use a body lotion (something that I ought to do more!) because it is great for your skin and will help it look younger for longer.

I really like the Dove one because it is gradual and gives a good colour, I don't think it is noticeable and it's easy to apply, you have to be careful to apply it evenly though! 
I wasn't sure if this product was working because it is subtle, however I put it to the test by applying a coat to one leg, but not the other.  The results were quite embarrassing  I was left with one leg golden and the other starkly pale!  I think it was fair to say that I wore tights and jeans for the week after.
This product isn't too damaging to your purse either! It depends where you buy it from but I got it from Superdrug for £2.47! Which is really good value, other products can cost about £6 which is too much when you can get this!

I use it to top up my tan when needed and if I need to get ready for an event I apply this in the week before and I find that the colour of my skin looks healthier.

I'm sorry this has been a quiet weekend but I have a lot of revision to do so don't expect as many posts. 

Anyway, hope this was helpful and do you have any opinions? 

Em x

Friday, 10 May 2013

Book Corner - Numbers

This gripping book by Rachel Ward is about a girl called Jem, when she looks into people's eyes she can see the dates that they will die.  She has stayed in the shadows her whole life but when she meets a boy called Spider and goes to London she finds her life exposed. 

I found out about this book around world book day when our teachers had to put up posters about their favorite book, this was the librarians and although she didn't sell it very well, I was looking for a book to read and a few of my friends were interested in it so I decided to order it. 

After the first day of reading this, I was hooked!  Jem is such a unique character and shows life with a completely new perspective which is really interesting, the book really explores all of the ideas about predicting the future and super-natural behavior  it also made me think about how we, as a society, judge other people we see in media.  The more you think about the idea of her power, the more mind-boggled you get, it's such a hard concept to get your head around but that is what makes it interesting and as you read on, you find that Jem is just starting to think about the consequences of her power too.  The style of writing is casual as Jem and Spider would speak which suits it, making it an easier read.  Unlike many books, I didn't feel that this one dragged on for too long in many places, I was constantly willing to pick this up.  As for the theme, it defiantly focuses on romance and Jem's many relationships with foster parents, her mum, and her peers but it certainly does have some action parts which makes it exciting.  As for the ending, I thought it was unpredictable (even though you know what will happen the whole way through the book) and it really was a cliffhanger.
Unfortunately, I did feel that this was just a pleasure read, usually I like to get something out of a book, but because I couldn't relate to Jem much it was difficult to apply anything to my own life.   

One of my friends is reading the book at the moment and she thinks it's great too!  She said that it was gripping and exciting. 

I don't know whether I will read the other two books in the series as I would like to try some other genera's that could be better.  I haven't yet ordered the next book but I think if I am ever stuck for something to read then I will come back to the series, but I am currently reading 'The Life of Pi' which I expect will take some time to finish as I am not really engaged in it so far.  

Have you read this book?  What do you think?  Would you read it?

Sorry there was no post yesterday but something strange happened to my blog posts (I know, I shouldn't be making excuses!).  Oh well, i'm sure you survived!

Em x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pointed court shoes

We are so used to a classic heel, a platform with a super high, skinny heel.  However, this has changed the way I think about heels compleatly. 
The pointed court shoe doesn't have a platform and has a pointed toe (as you might of guessed).  This design is classic and really looks elegant.  I fist noticed this style on Kate Middleton, who is the queen of elegance and classic style and I think this trend has caught on because I have seen it on the catwalk a few times and there is now a gorgeous version in topshop (click here if you want to see it) as seen below, these come in many colours, such as this bright blue which I think is the prettiest because it is wearable but still stands out, I think the black and white versions of this look great on some people but i think if you have the option to wear colours, go for it!

I also love this heel, also from topshop (here it is),  I think this is great to make a statement, adds pattern and colour to a plain outfit. 

Unfortunately, as a student these are a little expensive at £58 a pair!  So I found a cheaper alternative in forever 21(get them here) which are much better value (£24.75).

I have also seen a lot of these with a metal toe cap, personally I don't like these as much because I am obsessed with the brightly coloured ones, however if you are looking for a nude version I would opt for a pair with a metal toe cap as I think these are really classy.

As much as I want to buy a pair straight away, I am stuggling for an occasion to wear these.  I can't cope with heels everyday so I can't think of any time that I could wear these, however, they would be perfect for a wedding.  If I was going to one, I would wear a short suit with a pair of these bad-boys or a floral dress, I also think these look stunning with above-the-ankle trousers, which seem to be a trend at the moment!

I wish I had an excuse to buy these!  What do you think?

Em x

Monday, 6 May 2013

Trend - Friendship bracelets

Personally I love my friendship bracelets as you have seen in my spring outfit post I wear quite a lot, but I own a lot more.  They are called friendship bracelets to me however, they are not often made by friends but simply hold a memory of a friend or holiday, I have had many friendship bracelets bought for me by friends and bought matching sets with friends but really, now they are just seen as a casual bracelet.

I think that there are many types of friendship bracelet:

  • The classic - this is the one that you are likely to buy on holiday, it is a simple colourful one made of some sort of thread (I can't be too specific because there are so many designs).  
  • Leather - this is basically the same but (as you might have guessed) it is made of leather.  These are often found in Spain and Spanish islands and they make a great gift!  I love these because they add something different to a stack of bracelets. (Don't wear them in the shower though!)
  • Charm/bead - the more glamorous of friendship bracelets, these have a bit of sparkle (that is, if it has a sparkly bead or charm) and they brighten up a bunch of bracelets whilst still being comfy.
  • Handmade - the origin of friendship bracelets.  Making your own is very therapeutic and makes unique and some pretty awesome accessories for you to be proud of.  I have given these out as numerous presents to friends and family and the best thing is - you make them exactly how you want!  Colours and design, you just have to learn how!  Here are some videos that I learnt techniques from: Wrap button braceletWrap bracelets. Enjoy!
Personally I think they are great to wear because they are super durable, making them perfect to wear on holiday seeing as you will probably be in and out of the pool a lot.  They also go with EVERYTHING, I have worn friendship bracelets to dances before now and they just add a touch of 'I don't care that this event is formal' and add colour.  You can mix them with your poshest (is that even a word?) jewelry and they fit in just fine.  These are by far the most comfortable jewelry you can buy because they don't pinch, rub or turn your skin green!  They also hold memories for me, many have been bought on a great holiday or trips into town with friends, maybe at a great festival or a present.  

As a bonus, they are also great to organise, I hold all of mine on a jewelry stand in my bedroom so I can sort them into their sets and keep them with my rings.

As you can see, I also like to keep some of my earrings on the stand because they hang well on here and it keeps them in a good condition.

Overall, I think they are worth getting a few and experimenting with them, you will probably find that you fall in love with just a couple or stacks of 'em!

Any thoughts?

Em x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New layout?

When I searched through some other blogs earlier today I found this post which teaches new bloggers how to build up their blog!

I thought this was a great idea because mine is really looking a bit amateur, it still is but it's improving.  I added labels to my posts and a navigation bar (which I have been trying to do since I started this blog!).  The link suggests a different background and header but to be honest I like mine how they are and it seems like a lot of fuss to get a different one,  it also says a lot about adding in twitter and google plus details, I did add in my google plus which is on the side of my blog but i'm not sure how to use that yet so there probably isn't much point looking at it.
There is some knowledge from experience that I wouldn't know such as turning 'word verification' off which i'm sure is very helpful to readers and should boost comments.

Gadgets are something new to me - i'm currently in the middle of discovering new ones that should be helpful to my readers and make by blog a bit neater.  I also think they are great for readers to explore other posts.

It really is helpful but I recommend that you just select the advice that you need and that you can cope with - there is quite a lot to take in and I don't think you need it all, some of the bits and bobs can make a blog look untidy and disorganized.  Be selective and at the end - review your blog to see if it looks too busy, it's like the quote by Coco Chanel : "Always remove one thing before you leave the house.  Less is more".  However, if you are an extravagant person, don't hold back - your blog should represent you so just edit 'till you like it! 

Sorry it's not an interesting post today but who can blame me for enjoying the rare English sun!

Em x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Book Corner - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I love reading.  It is what inspires me to write.  I love reading magazines and other blogs to see what trends are around and I love reading books to relax me and make me engage in someone else's life for a while, and escape from my own.  
So I thought why not let you know what I think of the books I read so that I can recommend them and give you an idea about the different books.  I am going to call all of my book reviews 'Book Corner' posts. 

Today I want to review 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'.  

Charlie is a wallflower.  He makes friends with his teacher, barely speaks to anyone his own age, has a family full of trouble, and not to mention, very socially awkward. 

I found this book so gripping, I read it in about a week!  The main character, Charlie, writes entry's into his diary over the course of a year telling his 'friend' about his life and secrets, he explores drugs, alcohol and love which is the case for many teenagers and makes it so relate-able!  
It is so different to any other book I have read because it's plot is just like everyday life so the ending is unexpected and I truly felt that I was in Charlie's life and experiencing what he did as a 'wallflower' which is a point of perspective that few books seem to explore realistically.  I also found it fascinating because it is set in 1991-2 where life seems so similar yet so different.
To start with, I wasn't sure whether it would be any good, however after picking it up a few times a day I was able to become a part of their lives and have opinions on the different events that happen throughout the book.  Honestly, I was quite disappointed when the book ended because it felt like it could go on forever and I would love it.  But I think the length is practical, it really is a perfect holiday read because it is so easy to read and a fairly upbeat book but it really does have some important meanings if you read between the lines.

I can't recommend this book enough to teenagers, probably girls as I don't think boys would be as interested but what can I say - the main character is a boy and so is the author (maybe it's because the cover is pink?).  I can't think of a single girl in my year who wouldn't enjoy this book!

If you've read it, let me know what you thought?  If not, would you read it?

Em x