Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Anna and Lily Cult Beauty Box Favourites (so far)

The Anna and Lily Cult Beauty Box is my first ever beauty box, and although I was very sceptical about spending £85 on products I had never tried before (£85 is a lot of money for a student!) I decided to bite the bullet because the box looked so damn gorgeous.

I received my beautiful marbled box last week ago so I haven't tried all the products yet but from my first impressions, these three are my absolute favourites!

Firstly, the product I was least excited about but definitely my most used so far!  The Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist contains Hyaluronic Acid and Black Oat which deeply moisturises my skin in a few, featherlight sprays.  This has been my go-to moisturiser in the morning or after I shower to stop my skin from feeling tight after I cleanse, but I've also been loving applying this throughout the day too.

Although I can't be sure, I think the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil has made the most improvements to my skin.  I've been using it religiously every night and noticed that after a few days my skin was spot-free and the pores on my nose had shrunk!  Previously, products that have claimed to do the same thing haven't been effective but I can see this product becoming a regular and crucial step in my skincare routine.  However, I do hate the scent of the oil and I think the price point is a bit ridiculous!  At £85 for the full 30ml, this is definitely an investment, and I will have to think twice about repurchasing this product.

After using my Jade Roller  for about a week now, I'm enjoying it, but still very curious.  Despite plenty of research, I'm still not entirely sure what the benefits are or exactly how I'm supposed to use it.  However, I love the cooling feeling on my skin, I find rolling this little tool around my face to be very relaxing and therapeutic!  I'm keen to see if this makes any changes to my skin in the long-term, but for now, I'm more than happy just using it to de-stress and look gorgeous on my desk.

Over the next few months, I aim to try out the rest of the products in the box and will report back with my findings!
If you're interested in buying the Cult Beauty Box, you can buy it here.

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