Tuesday, 10 February 2015


It's typical for gym's to get busier with the start of the new year as half of the population have jotted 'get fitter' or something similar on their list of resolutions.  Last year I made a good start to getting fitter by joining the gym but I really want to push myself to work harder, every month I'm aiming to update you with what I've been up to and any progress I've made.


It was my aim at the start of the month to run a bit more, in the past my cardio has been limited to the cross trainer and rowing machine because running scares me slightly!  I get very red, sweaty and out of breath but I decided to face my fears and step up to the running machine!  I started off just doing 10 minutes running at a fairly slow pace and gradually built up the speed.  Next month I'm going to try running for a bit longer, maybe 20 minutes?  Baby steps!

My arms have always been very weak and I thought it was about time I built them up!  I have been using exercises from this fitness blender video in my circuits to improve definition and strength.  I found this harder to add into my routine at the gym but I have been doing some of the excersises at home instead.

With the recent additions I'm quite happy with how my progress is going but I aimed to go to the gym more regularly.  Before Christmas I went about once a week when I could fit a session in but this month I have made sure I go every week if not twice!  That way I feel better in myself, see faster progress and make the most of my membership (save your pennies!).

Next month I'm heading to Lanzarote on holiday so I want to make sure I'm in decent shape for that.  Hopefully that will give me some extra motivation!

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Sunday, 8 February 2015


Sundays are made for cosy jumpers, slipper socks and no makeup.  But if I find myself  going for a walk, visiting family or out for lunch and need something to make myself a little more presentable I grab four products and go.

My skin isn't exactly perfect and I need a bit of coverage so the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer helps to even things out a bit and brighten up my face.  I love this stuff!  I think I've gone through about five of these now, the coverage is so good for the tiny price!

Recently Iv'e been sporting a more defined brow and I've been loving the Soap & Glory Archery brow pencil and brush in 'hot chocolate'.  The quality of this is also great, it's precise and has a good spoolie (always a must!).
I rarely step out of the house without some mascara on!  I find that mascara makes the biggest difference to my makeup and really makes me look more awake.  Currently I've been loving the Benefit They're Real mascara, you can buy this cute mini mascara from Boots stores.
A lip product is optional, some people are fine with a lip balm but personally I like a bit more colour so I dabbed some of my Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in 'celestial' on the centre of my lips and blended it out a bit with my finger to create a stain.

What's your makeup choice for a lazy Sunday?

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