Saturday, 26 July 2014


Come Autumn and Winter I will be well and truly back to my all time favourite long lasting matte formulas, but when the sun shows it's face, the glossier and brighter, the better.

Anyone remember last year when I first bought these and wrote this post?  Yep, it's fair to say I was head over heels about these baby's.  The lip butters have buildable colour in a lovely glossy and sheer formula that moisturises.  Although the shine wears off after an hour or two, the pigment stains your lips leaving a subtle colour.  Orange lips are coming back again this summer so Tutti Frutti is going to become a handbag staple for me.

This is a recent purchase but I already love it, as the name would suggest, it is a lovely peach/coral colour that just screams summer!  It's glossy, balmy, sheer and colour all packed into a crayon.  However, I do find that the formula tends to cling to dry patches on my lips so I often need to use a separate lip balm before application.
(P.S. these are currently on offer at Supedrug)

Who remembers these?  Loved but not forgotten, these are probably the most sheer and least pigmented of the bunch.  But they smell the best, by a long way.  I can't even explain how great this smells, it's like the smell of the whole Body Shop mixed into an orange pot with a bit of shimmer.  If a pot is your sort of thing and your not too worried about pigmentation or shine, opt for this one!

What are your favourite lip colours for summer?

Today, I am off on holiday for a fortnight so although I will try my very hardest to upload a new post while I am away, the chances are slim *insert crying emoji*

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Friday, 25 July 2014


So, its that time again when the luckiest of us jet off to some exotic location.  Unfortunately that wont be me, but I am going away for a fortnight and am currently going through the process of choosing the very best makeup/brushes to take with me.

So, here are my brushes of choice.

You may notice that the majority are real techniques brushes and that is because they are just so darn good!
First up, all of the orange brushes are part of the real techniques core collection, included are the buffing brush, which applies foundation like a dream.  I can't say I plan to wear much foundation while I am away but if the occasion ever arises, I wouldn't be without this baby!
The core collection also features the foundation brush and detail brush which both I use for applying concealer, the foundation brush works best for larger areas and the detail brush for pesky spots.  A winning combo.
Then, last in the core collection, the contour brush which I have been loving when I want a great contour, it packs on product and fits perfectly under cheekbones.
The other real techniques brush in question is the blush brush which I don't actually use for blush (I'm a blush-o-phobe) but I love this for applying powder and bronzer, I couldn't be without this one.
Other brushes that have captured my heart are the No.7 blend and contour eyeshadow brush which I use when I want a bit of eye definition (its a rare occasion currently) and the Ruby and Millie lip brush which I have had for yonks but haven't found another lip brush to rival it, it applies lipstick precisely and smoothly, what more could a girl want?
And finally, a little spoolie.  I think I picked this up from an eyebrow stand at 'the clothes show' years ago and have taken this on my travels ever since, its so handy and keeps those brows tamed.

The little case thing is part of the core collection too, very handy indeed!

What brushes are your travelling favourites?

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Saturday, 19 July 2014


At long last, summer has begun!
I'm kicking off with my first ever empties post, who's excited?

For months this was my favourite thing to apply before bed, it smells strange, but I sort of like it and every morning I woke up with soft lips.  I think it looks a bit over-glossy on the lips so would avoid wearing it in the daytime but does a great job at keeping my lips soft.  Since then I have just been using vaseline and I haven't really noticed a huge difference and vaseline lasts so much longer.  These are lovely and would make a great little gift but I don't think I will repurchase.

I would be surprised if you haven't heard about this one before, it's the highstreet super-concealer.  It's very pigmented, full coverage yet still natural looking.  I will defiantly repurchase this as soon as I get down to the shops

I blogged about this one a while back singing all it's praises (see post here), and I must say I do still love it for travelling but ever since my trip to Italy and the purchase of Bioderma (see post here) it hasn't had as much love.  I managed to finish it though and probably will repurchase when my smaller bottle has run out.

Believe it or not, this was the first ever moisturiser I tried and I still love it!  Although I have now switched to something a little thicker for a night cream this moisteriser is light, nourishing and smells lovely.  I have already repurchased!

There is so much hype surrounding this product and I'm not sure I entirely agree.  I cant claim it wasn't lovely to use and made my skin super soft, because it did!  However, my skin continued to break out as usual so I can't say I'm head over heels for this cleanser as most bloggers are.  Will I buy it again?  Hmm, maybe but right now I am getting on fine with a far cheaper option (post coming soon!)

This was the first mascara I ever fell in love with, and it remains a favourite to this day!  It gives plenty of volume and length but never clumps or flakes off and has great lasting power!  It's an all round winner!  I will repurchase this sometime in the future, but for now I am testing out the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara (post coming soon!) and have a few others on the wish list.

Ah, a classic!  I can't get enough of dry shampoo and go through these so quickly!  I love the classic because it smells great and just gets the job done.  I have no complaints and have already repurchased.

Bit of a boring one here, not much to say about standard nail polish remover.  It's cheap, not quite so cheerful!  It really doesn't smell great, moisturise or do any other tricks, it does last a long time though!  Just bog standard and a bit stripping, probably won't repurchase. 

Now, this is a better remover!  Enriched with vitamin E these are very nourishing and so easy to use, especially on holiday!  They also smell lush!  Will defiantly buy these again!

Last year this was the product to use for texture and I loved it!  It doesn't leave your hair feeling crispy or smelling weird but gives it a bit of texture and wave.  Although these days I tend to reach for my Charles Worthington texturising spray over this.  I think I have another one of these lying around somewhere, so I probably will finish that one up first!

As you can probably see from my photo, this isn't exactly finished.  A couple of months ago I dropped this on the bathroom floor, an of course it smashed.  Since then I have tried using it but with very little luck, the brush doesn't pick up product well.  I wasn't very fond of this powder anyway so I won't be picking it up again.

I actually have no idea how effective this was, sometimes my spots cleared up really quickly after using this, other times there was barely any effect.  For that reason I won't repurchase.  Please comment with your favourite spot treatment, the cheaper the better!

I believe this has been discontinued now, but to give you a summary.  This is quite an oily/dewy base with SPF15 and a lovely little moisteriser.  Although I opt for something more matte and higher coverage now, I mostly used this up in my early teens and recently finished it on holiday.  I'm not sure I would buy this again because I think there are better options out there for your money's worth.

Sorry, this is a bit of a lengthy post but congrats for getting this far!
Your my favourite readers, but don't tell the others!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

This works: Sleep

Again, a late post.  I am sorry!  
Last week was so hectic it was unreal!  I had to juggle UCAS fairs and applications, losing art coursework the day before the exhibition, a fair few essay deadlines and sorting out a gym membership (watch this space for updates).  Aahh, the life of a sixth former!

A while back my Dad went away on business and much to my surprise (and delight) he came back with this duo from This Works as a freebie from the Crowne Plaza hotel.
This works are known for being a great brand that really does, well, work!  They make lovely, high quality products that aren't the cheapest so to get these as a freebie was great.

The duo comes with a miniature (5ml) deep calm pillow spray and the breathe in rollerball.  Together they aim to help you relax and assist a great night's sleep!

Despite everyone loving the pillow spray, my favourite out of the two is defiantly the rollerball, I have used it countless times for travelling and imagine this would be great if you are a nervous flier!  Not to mention the tiny bottles which are well under the limit for plane journeys.
Both smell luxuriously of Lavender and Camomile to make you feel sleepy and have a blend of Frankincense and Eucalyptus to help you breathe.
After using these I feel far more relaxed and actually noticed that I was less tired the morning after!  A great accompaniment to your beauty sleep.

This Works: Sleep - £10.00