Sunday, 16 March 2014

The fitness post

Over recent months I have really been getting into fitness, i'm not sure what has come over me?


I think it all started with my mum dragging me along to her pilates class.  I now attend it every Tuesday and really enjoy having an hour to tone up!  When it comes to pilates, you can get a few types of classes; some teachers tend to take more of a technical approach whilst others really push you to get a good work out.  It's probably worth trying a few in your local area and see which suits you best.

Pilates isn't exactly the most energetic of activities, so to add some cardio into my week I try to go for a run or turbo trainer session every Friday night.  It beats doing homework any day!
I am also looking into joining bodypump classes with a friend this month.  I like classes and having a friend really helps to motivate you (and it's more fun).

I am also completing the 30 day squat challenge, this is when you build up from doing 50 squats on day one to 250 on day 30.  It's tough, not gonna lie, but squats do your bum and thighs the world of good!

I know there will be question asking why I don't use the gym.  Personally I find the gym quite daunting and it really doesn't motivate me, although I love all the machines I find that I can do most of the same at home.

Lets talk diet; i'm not one to cut anything out, but I do now drink a litre of water every day which is great for your skin and body!  I also have an extra portion of fruit, it doesn't seem like a lot but seriously, I am so bad at eating my 5 a day.  I then try to cut out as many sweet things as possible.  I'm not on any strict guidelines but just being aware of what I put in my body helps me to stay a bit healthier.

And finally, as many girls know; buying new gym gear does motivate you to use it! So treat yourself a little.  I really recommend Nike, I have owned a pair of their Free run trainers for a year now and love them so much, they are just so comfy!

Do you have a fitness routine?  What do you like to do?

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