Saturday, 22 March 2014

spring clean: the favourites

Here in England, the sun has started to shine and spring is here at last!  I have been doing a bit of a makeup spring clean and have found all of those lovely bright colours that have been stowed away during winter, they are making a comeback!

I believe that this polish goes by a slightly different name now but the formula and colour are still the same (or near enough).  Pastels just scream spring time and this one does it best, the lilac colour adds some colour but it keeps it subtle. Perfect!

Everyone ought to have a pale, baby blue nail polish in their collection.  I love this one because it has a super wide, flat brush which makes it so easy to apply and the formula is 'pigment rich' so you only need a few coats and you're done!  Plus, Boots are forever giving away £5 off vouchers for No7 you can often snap up one of these for just a pound!

I love glowy skin, the 'wake me up' foundation can leave me looking a bit twilight-esque but the match perfection gets it just right.  Good coverage and healthy looking skin, spring light tends to leave bad foundation very visible too!
ps: let me know if you want a full review of this foundation

Jelly pong pong jelly flush
Although this is no longer available (and barley visible in my photos), tarte have made pretty much the same product. After owning this for years I have only just figured out how to use it and love it's sheer dewy goodness which is great for all of us blush-o-phobes out there.

These lip pencils became famous overnight just before christmas, but no-one seems to have noticed this lovely little shade.  I have held off wearing it untill now but bright colours are making a comeback!  This is a lovely cool pink shade which can actually be worn quite subtly if paired with a nude lipstick.  I love this.  I hope to get more wear out of it now.

Eyeko fat balm
This is another product that I have had for years and now seems to be discontinued :( but think NARS multiple but with more shimmer and more minty.  This can be used across cheeks to give a highlighter/blush effect or on lips as a sheer lipstick.  The iridescence is all too perfect for spring.

Sheer lipsticks are perfect for slightly warmer weather when you don't want makeup to be too intense.  Orange suits the warmer weather and looks great with tanned skin (fake it 'till you make it with bronzer).  Recently, red/orange lipstick has become a massive trend so to recreate this you can simply layer a couple of coats of this over a sheer red lipstick.  

Here's a cute little selfie of me wearing the foundation, blush and a tint of the revlon lip butter. ps: do you like my mirror?

That's all folks!
What beauty products will you be using this spring?  Have you done your makeup spring clean yet?

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