Saturday, 1 March 2014

Goodies from Italia + photos

So, if you read my most recent post, you might have picked up on the fact that last week I was in Italy!
It's somewhere that I have always dreamed of going and when an opportunity to visit popped up at school, I didn't have to think twice!

My first goodie was actually from Gatwick North Terminal Airport (technically in the UK).  As soon as I got through security I almost raced to the MAC counter, I was originally searching for their lipstick in 'patteserie' only to find out that it is only sold on the highstreet (bummer).  Anyway, I searched for the next best thing and came out with 'brave' a typical 'my-lips-but-better' shade which really suits me.  I think I actually prefer this one as it is a satin finish, therefore semi-matte.  If you didn't know, I am in fact a no-gloss-girl so this suits me better than a creme sheen formula.

We visited Sorrento first, along with Capri Island, Mount Visuvious and Pompei.  It was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately no shopping bits here.  Enjoy some photo's instead!

Then, a 3 hour drive to Rome.  Where do I start?  I am usually not a city-break sort of gal but Rome had me head over heels.  First off, the architecture is stunning, if you have never visited it is worth a drive through just to see the amazing buildings dotted throughout the city.

The shopping. We had a fair few opportunities to go shopping in Rome, and lets say, I think I spent my money wisely.  My first stop was one of the many pharmacies in Italy, after a bit of rooting around I found the bioderma section and picked up a generous 500ml bottle.  Although this has just become available in selected places within the UK, it is still cheaper to buy it in Europe, I bought mine for €17.90 which is approximately £14.70.
Next stop; KIKO.  (The same one as seen in essiebutton's vlog hereA brand new favourite, the most impressive thing about this place is it's prices.  It has it's own little shop which is layed out just like a high-end shop would, the quality and packaging of these products is outstanding.  Seriously impressed.  I picked up four nail lacquers, unfortunately without names. A bright green, cornflour blue (€2.90 each), and then a dark grey from the 'quick dry' range and a 'laser' polish which was in the sale section (€1.90 each).  Also in the sale section I spotted the hair serums for a number of hair types, I chose the 'reguvinating serum' (€4.90) and I have already fallen in love with it.  Smells great, smooths out everything, works as a heat protectant and reduces split ends.  Perfect!   Finally, I couldn't keep my hands off the skincare range (it's oh-so-pretty) and just had to pick up the purifying mask (€5.90).  I love clay masks but I'm not so sure about this one because it has small, grainy pieces in it but I have only used it once so watch this space for the verdict.

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