Saturday, 5 October 2013

25 facts about me!

Amongst all of the beauty and fashion love, I thought I should share some of the weird little things that make me, me!

  1. I don't class myself as a fussy eater, but I can't stand tomatoes.
  2. When I was little I used to call my brother 'the baby' untill I learnt his name.
  3. I am a massive lipstick lover but will not wear lipgloss.
  4. I have only ever won one award at school and that was an art prize in year 3
  5. I am NOT an exercise person.
  6. I LOVE travelling, there are so many places I want to visit, and so many I want to revisit! (A small list - Australia, Thailand, Greece, America, Turkey, Ghana, Brazil)
  7. When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist.
  8. I am half Welsh (my Dads side).
  9. Ice cream has to be my favourite food.
  10. I love to sing to myself but I would be embarrassed to know anyone was listening.
  11. I rarely injure myself and have never broken a bone.
  12. I was once offered a modelling contract, who knew what they were thinking?
  13. I have loved photography since I can remember.
  14. I am a list addict, my life would be chaos without them.
  15. I have lived in the UK my whole life but have never been to Scotland or Ireland.
  16. I have never had a long term relationship.
  17. I don't consider myself a rebel but I love it when I don't do what someone says and then prove them wrong.
  18. I find it really hard to write essays - gotta love my bullet points and lists!
  19. People seem to think I am really un-organised but I know where everything is in my head.
  20. I absolutely love it when I receive a compliment and they make my day.
  21. I find cupcakes really tricky to eat.  I always seem to end up with icing on my nose or something, I do think they look amazing though!
  22. I can't cook very well and really don't enjoy doing it, just eating it!
  23. I'm pretty sure my cat doesn't like me when he is in a bad mood, but even then I find him adorable!
  24. When a plug socket is turned on with nothing in it, I have an urge to turn it off (even in public and other people's houses)
  25. Autumn is by far my favourite season!  (I'm a happy girl right now)

So there you go! I hope you have learnt something new about a stranger today and have a look at the rest of my blog if you want (its not all random facts about me).

Em x

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