Saturday, 19 October 2013

Original source body washes

For the past few months I have been using some of the Original Source body washes and I have been enjoying using them, so why not write a review?

Original source are well known for their natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, local produce and animal free testing, not to mention the delicious scents they come up with! They use natural oils to give their products these great scents and an aromatherapy factor. My family have used their MINT AND TEA TREE BODY WASH since I can remember so I was keen to try some of their other products.

Lets start with the one I have used up, the CRANBERRY AND HONEY DAILY SCRUB.  I used most of this over the summer because I wanted to have lovely smooth skin every day, and this body wash has little cranberry seeds (425 to be precise) in it as well as some smaller beads to help smooth out your skin.  The scrub isn't too heavy duty which makes it really nice to use every day, it works really well on a polishing sponge as the consistency is quite jelly-ish so it tends to be a fiddle if you just use your hands.
The scent is my favourite out of the two, it is sweet and refreshing but not sickly, the cranberry makes it fruity too.  This smells really great in the shower and the scent lingers on your skin lightly, which I like as I find that strong scents mix with any other fragrance too much.
Honey is known for its moisterising properties and cranberries are full of antioxidants  which explains why this scrub always leaves my skin glowing!

I am currently using the RASPBERRY AND VANILLA SHOWER GEL which is meant to be more moisterising.  I don't find that this makes a huge difference to my skin compared to other body washes I have used but it defiantly is a lovely product, mainly due to its scent!  If you like sweet scents then you have to give this a sniff because it really is delicious.  However if you are not a sweet lover, don't try this as I am pretty sure you will find this sickly. This is nice to use in the evening as a bit of wind down, the vanilla milk makes this quite calming and the raspberry adds to the sweetness and has detoxifying properties, but this one can get all too sweet and sickly at times for me.

Overall, both of these products have their pro's and con's and they do make a nice treat.  If you are very conscious about animal testing, natural ingredients and what-not then these will be great for you.  However they are a little pricier than your bog-standard wash so I only tend to get these as a gift, the Coconut one is defiantly going on my Christmas list (yes I said the C-word)!

Em x

Cranberry and Honey scrub - £2.65
Raspberry and Vanilla shower gel - £2.30

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