Sunday, 15 September 2013

Autumn Nail polish.

So the small minority of you that follow my blog will probably have been wandering what has happened to me?  Well the truthful answer is that I broke my camera.  Just after my weekend post I broke the focus on my main lens so I have been unable to take any product photos and as I refuse to use stock photo's, I'm afraid there have been no reviews.  Sorry about that, but now I have managed to somehow fix it but I am having to try manual-focus on my photos so bare with me if they are a little un-clear.

However, we are now well into Autumn territory, the rain is starting and all of the leaves are falling, secretly I am loving it.  There is just something about snuggling up in knitted jumpers and cosy socks with a cup of tea or hot chocolate while it's raining outside.
Anyway, after a summer of brights and neon nails, here are some of my favourite nail polishes for the autumn.

Avon nailwear pro - midnight plum

 Models own - in the navy

 Name and brand unknown (sorry!)

 Avon nailwear pro+ - perfect nude

Another name and brand unknown (sorry again!)

When it comes to autumn nail polish I tend to think of warm and dark colours, and 'midnight plum' is the ultimate colour.  It's a flat colour (meaning it has no shimmer or undertones), and is basically a warm, deep purple.  It doesn't have amazing staying power as it is a cheaper polish but personally I think everyone should have one of these in their collection. 
'In the navy' doesn't come under the 'warm' category because it is a blue but I still think it's really wearable in autumn.  It is what it says on the tin; a navy shade. I find this actually lasts for a pretty long time but it defiantly needs a couple of coats to make the colour strong because it's a bit watery.
This glittery gold/copper polish is not one I would wear everyday because I don't have the patience, but for a night out I think this is gorgeous.  The polish is quite thin and defiantly needs a few coats but I love the effect, I don't know, the glitter reminds me of autumn leaves.  Sorry, I haven't found a polish quite like this that is available to buy yet, but I am searching!
Sometimes I feel like toning down my nails a bit, and I always turn to 'perfect nude'.  I am still not sure how much I like this polish yet but it seems to work quite well with my fading tan and I love to switch up my darks sometimes.  This one has pretty good staying power, however after a couple of days it will have chipped and defiantly needs replacing after a week.
This last shade is hands-down my favourite!  It's so hard to describe, a sort of deep brown/red colour with tiny red shimmery bits in it.  I got this in a big set of polishes for Christmas a couple of years back but I threw away the packaging before I even knew the brand so I have no idea where to get this or anything like it.  I am desperately searching for a dupe so if anyone knows of one, please let me know!

I hope you enjoyed reading, I would love to hear about your favourite polishes, the Barry M Gelly polish in 'dark green' is next on my wishlist!

Em x

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