Monday, 22 July 2013


Last week I went to Croatia with my family. It was the first time I had been to Croatia and the first sailing holiday I had ever been on, it was all very new and a bit stressful at times!

Our first stop was a little town on the island of Zlarin, this was one of my favourite places we visited, it was a local town which I love because you really feel that you are part of a community rather than a tourist.

Sailing between some of the thousands of islands was an incredible experience and we saw some dolphins which was an incredible experience because they came so close to the boat!

For most of the trip we joined up with a flotilla which was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it if you have younger people in your crew.  We traveled up to Murter and then down to a spectacular marina near Trogir, then back to Zlarin where we left the group.

Our last stop was a beautiful National Park near Sibenik called Krka, you have to sail though a estury to reach it with some of the most spectacular rock formations I have seen.  The National Park is a short ferry ride away from the marina and town, and is in a really secluded location.  The main attraction is the waterfalls, they were absoulutly stunning and we were able to swim at the base of them which was so lovely and the water was warm.  There was also a track you could walk along to see the rest of the park, it felt like something that should be in a book, the setting was really magical (not to make it sound cheesey or anything).

That evening we visited a really nice restaurant overlooking the marina and had ice cream (which is so good!) I also saw this really sweet fruit and veg stall on the side of the marina, a really lovely lady ran it and we were able to try some of the figs.

I really enjoyed this holiday and I hope you enjoyed looking at the photo's!

Em x

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