Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer + update!

Ok . . . so what's been going on?

I finished school about 3 weeks ago now after finishing the last of my GCSE's and since then it has been non-stop!  I have been going to parties, attending induction days, completing my silver DofE and trying to start the mountain of holiday work I have been given!
My holiday only really starts next week when I get to take a trip to Croatia!

Every summer I try to make some 'mid-year resolutions' so that I don't end up wasting my time.  Most people call this a bucket list but I see the summer as a fresh start rather than  New Year because I start a new academic year and I have time to get my head together so I tend to make my resolutions now!
This year, I aim to take lots more photo's and develop my photography skills so that I am set up to do the A-level next year.  I also want to tick at least 5 books off my ever-growing list of books, including 'The book thief  which I admit I am a bit scared of because I don't usually enjoy those sorts of books and so many people have told me I will cry!  I also want to spend a lot of time with my friends because I am leaving them all next year when I move to a new school.  My last resolution (so far) is to put more effort into my schoolwork, especially my art because I know that I can make it better.  Hopefully this will help me have a good start to a new school!

Do you have any aims or goals this summer?

Watch out for more book reviews, fashion, beauty and photography posts this summer!

Em x

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