Wednesday, 12 June 2013

coconut oil: the multi-use product

I discovered the wonders of coconut oil a couple of years ago, since then it has been one of those products that I just keep on going back to.

If you haven't already heard the buzz; coconut oil is a multi use product that works wonders on your skin and hair.
The reason I love this so much, is that it is so perfect for travelling!  All you need to do is scoop some of this into a tub, no need to keep it at the right temperature.
Lets start with the hair mask, you can simply add a small amount of coconut oil into your hair, sleep with it on and then wash it out in the morning.  However, my problem with this is that you will need to use a very clarifying shampoo to get it all out (greasy hair; no thank you!)
You can also use a tiny amount to tame frizz if you have dry hair.

On to skin.  I mainly use coconut oil as a body moisturizer, it's amazing!  The oil will make your legs appear smoother and give them a glow for days, which means that you only need to use this a few times a week - result!  If your brave enough, you can also use it on your face as a makeup remover and eye cream.
And finally, as a cuticle oil.  Just dab a bit of this around ragged cuticles in the evening and wake up with smooth fingertips.

Have you tried coconut oil?  How do you use it?

Emma x

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