Thursday, 13 June 2013

Clarins Water Purify One Step Cleanser

Product: Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser with mint essential water
The effect: It helps to clear up your skin, eliminating oil but keeps your skin looking fresh.
Use: Probably my favorite thing about this is how easy it is to use, you literally put a couple of drops on some cotton wool and wipe your face with it!  No water needed! I love this because I am so lazy when it comes to washing my face and to me this seems so much simpler than getting my face wet.  I also love that you can see what has come off your face because it makes me realize that cleansing is important and that it does do something.
It's great for: Washing your face quickly and easily.
My verdict: If you are lazy like me this is a great way to cleanse, it's also not too harsh on your purse.  I bought a 200ml bottle for £19.50 which could seem expensive, but bear in mind you only need a few drops each day and my mum has always told me that taking care of your skin when you are younger will lead to better skin in the future, so i'm not afraid to spend a little bit more on a good cleanser.  I am really enjoying this product so far and can't wait to see if it has a good long term effect.

WOW!  Two reviews in two days! I'm on fire (not literally of course)!  Nahh, i'm on study leave at the moment and this seems to be a good way of procrastination and after owning this product for a couple of weeks now I have been eager to write about it, however I wanted to make sure that it really works first.

Have a lovely day,
Em x

PS: If you have any questions leave them below I will try to answer all of them.  Same apply's to any reviews, I also appreciate feedback to improve this blog.  

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