Monday, 6 May 2013

Trend - Friendship bracelets

Personally I love my friendship bracelets as you have seen in my spring outfit post I wear quite a lot, but I own a lot more.  They are called friendship bracelets to me however, they are not often made by friends but simply hold a memory of a friend or holiday, I have had many friendship bracelets bought for me by friends and bought matching sets with friends but really, now they are just seen as a casual bracelet.

I think that there are many types of friendship bracelet:

  • The classic - this is the one that you are likely to buy on holiday, it is a simple colourful one made of some sort of thread (I can't be too specific because there are so many designs).  
  • Leather - this is basically the same but (as you might have guessed) it is made of leather.  These are often found in Spain and Spanish islands and they make a great gift!  I love these because they add something different to a stack of bracelets. (Don't wear them in the shower though!)
  • Charm/bead - the more glamorous of friendship bracelets, these have a bit of sparkle (that is, if it has a sparkly bead or charm) and they brighten up a bunch of bracelets whilst still being comfy.
  • Handmade - the origin of friendship bracelets.  Making your own is very therapeutic and makes unique and some pretty awesome accessories for you to be proud of.  I have given these out as numerous presents to friends and family and the best thing is - you make them exactly how you want!  Colours and design, you just have to learn how!  Here are some videos that I learnt techniques from: Wrap button braceletWrap bracelets. Enjoy!
Personally I think they are great to wear because they are super durable, making them perfect to wear on holiday seeing as you will probably be in and out of the pool a lot.  They also go with EVERYTHING, I have worn friendship bracelets to dances before now and they just add a touch of 'I don't care that this event is formal' and add colour.  You can mix them with your poshest (is that even a word?) jewelry and they fit in just fine.  These are by far the most comfortable jewelry you can buy because they don't pinch, rub or turn your skin green!  They also hold memories for me, many have been bought on a great holiday or trips into town with friends, maybe at a great festival or a present.  

As a bonus, they are also great to organise, I hold all of mine on a jewelry stand in my bedroom so I can sort them into their sets and keep them with my rings.

As you can see, I also like to keep some of my earrings on the stand because they hang well on here and it keeps them in a good condition.

Overall, I think they are worth getting a few and experimenting with them, you will probably find that you fall in love with just a couple or stacks of 'em!

Any thoughts?

Em x

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