Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tanning moisterisers? Good or bad?

I am certainly not the only one who has taken this beauty trend on, a load of my friends love this less guilty version of tanning.  Just to let you know I am not totally behind, I did discover this about 3 years ago, but of course I didn't have a blog then.  

So if you get a spray tan everyone knows because you look like you might have been on holiday overnight (or attacked by some orange paint), however the tanning moisteriser builds up a tan more gradually, making it seem more natural and in my opinion, less orange.  As a bonus this solution to bronzed skin also moisterisers, making your skin soft so all you need is a quick shave and your legs will be ready to bear!  For me, this encourages me to use a body lotion (something that I ought to do more!) because it is great for your skin and will help it look younger for longer.

I really like the Dove one because it is gradual and gives a good colour, I don't think it is noticeable and it's easy to apply, you have to be careful to apply it evenly though! 
I wasn't sure if this product was working because it is subtle, however I put it to the test by applying a coat to one leg, but not the other.  The results were quite embarrassing  I was left with one leg golden and the other starkly pale!  I think it was fair to say that I wore tights and jeans for the week after.
This product isn't too damaging to your purse either! It depends where you buy it from but I got it from Superdrug for £2.47! Which is really good value, other products can cost about £6 which is too much when you can get this!

I use it to top up my tan when needed and if I need to get ready for an event I apply this in the week before and I find that the colour of my skin looks healthier.

I'm sorry this has been a quiet weekend but I have a lot of revision to do so don't expect as many posts. 

Anyway, hope this was helpful and do you have any opinions? 

Em x

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