Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pointed court shoes

We are so used to a classic heel, a platform with a super high, skinny heel.  However, this has changed the way I think about heels compleatly. 
The pointed court shoe doesn't have a platform and has a pointed toe (as you might of guessed).  This design is classic and really looks elegant.  I fist noticed this style on Kate Middleton, who is the queen of elegance and classic style and I think this trend has caught on because I have seen it on the catwalk a few times and there is now a gorgeous version in topshop (click here if you want to see it) as seen below, these come in many colours, such as this bright blue which I think is the prettiest because it is wearable but still stands out, I think the black and white versions of this look great on some people but i think if you have the option to wear colours, go for it!

I also love this heel, also from topshop (here it is),  I think this is great to make a statement, adds pattern and colour to a plain outfit. 

Unfortunately, as a student these are a little expensive at £58 a pair!  So I found a cheaper alternative in forever 21(get them here) which are much better value (£24.75).

I have also seen a lot of these with a metal toe cap, personally I don't like these as much because I am obsessed with the brightly coloured ones, however if you are looking for a nude version I would opt for a pair with a metal toe cap as I think these are really classy.

As much as I want to buy a pair straight away, I am stuggling for an occasion to wear these.  I can't cope with heels everyday so I can't think of any time that I could wear these, however, they would be perfect for a wedding.  If I was going to one, I would wear a short suit with a pair of these bad-boys or a floral dress, I also think these look stunning with above-the-ankle trousers, which seem to be a trend at the moment!

I wish I had an excuse to buy these!  What do you think?

Em x

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