Wednesday, 28 January 2015


It's no secret that NARS is by all means my favourite makeup brand and I was lucky enough to receive a few items for my 18th birthday recently from friends and family.

One of my closest friends knows me far too well and bought me this gorgeous pure matte lipstick in the shade 'amsterdam' along with vodka!  I've never tried the pure matte lipsticks before and haven't heard much about them but I have been very impressed!  The colour is just beautiful, amsterdam is described as a garnet red (warm and deep) that's very wearable.  The formula is also lovely as expected!  The lipstick contains wild mango butter and vitamin E which prevent your lips from drying out and have antioxident benefits, whilst it's also long wearing due to the matte finish.

My mum bought me the hyped up sheer glow foundation which I have been longing to try for months now!  I have the shade 'mont blanc' which is the second lightest and it's a perfect match.  The shade is slightly yellow toned which helps to even out redness in my skin.  As I'm sure you will know, the sheer glow foundations have a dewy finish which brightens up the skin, I was concerned that this might not work well with my slightly oily skin but I've found that a bit of powder stops things from getting too shiny.
However, the fact that you need to buy the pump separately annoys me because my mornings seem to get a bit messy! I've also noticed the slightly odd scent, I can deal with it but it's got nothing on Rimmel's Wake Me Up!

What have you added to your makeup collection recently?

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  1. A daring colour but amazing!

    1. The warm tone makes it surprisingly wearable! Perfect for nights out!

  2. Amsterdam is the most gorgeous shade, and it sounds so moisturizing!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. The formula is very comfortable, I wouldn't describe it as moisturising but it's not drying either! I agree, it's a lovely shade though!


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