Friday, 25 July 2014


So, its that time again when the luckiest of us jet off to some exotic location.  Unfortunately that wont be me, but I am going away for a fortnight and am currently going through the process of choosing the very best makeup/brushes to take with me.

So, here are my brushes of choice.

You may notice that the majority are real techniques brushes and that is because they are just so darn good!
First up, all of the orange brushes are part of the real techniques core collection, included are the buffing brush, which applies foundation like a dream.  I can't say I plan to wear much foundation while I am away but if the occasion ever arises, I wouldn't be without this baby!
The core collection also features the foundation brush and detail brush which both I use for applying concealer, the foundation brush works best for larger areas and the detail brush for pesky spots.  A winning combo.
Then, last in the core collection, the contour brush which I have been loving when I want a great contour, it packs on product and fits perfectly under cheekbones.
The other real techniques brush in question is the blush brush which I don't actually use for blush (I'm a blush-o-phobe) but I love this for applying powder and bronzer, I couldn't be without this one.
Other brushes that have captured my heart are the No.7 blend and contour eyeshadow brush which I use when I want a bit of eye definition (its a rare occasion currently) and the Ruby and Millie lip brush which I have had for yonks but haven't found another lip brush to rival it, it applies lipstick precisely and smoothly, what more could a girl want?
And finally, a little spoolie.  I think I picked this up from an eyebrow stand at 'the clothes show' years ago and have taken this on my travels ever since, its so handy and keeps those brows tamed.

The little case thing is part of the core collection too, very handy indeed!

What brushes are your travelling favourites?

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