Sunday, 9 February 2014

review: hydraluron moisture booster

Over the past week quite a few posts have been popping up about the new hydraluron sheet masks and it just reminded me, I haven't tried hydraluron yet!
For a few months now I have been on a search for a serum and completely forgot about this goodie.

So, if you've been living under a blogger rock and haven't heard about it, here's the low-down.
Hydraluron is a serum which uses hyaluronic acid which is a hydrating agent that can hold up to 1'000 times it's weight in water. It was inspired by a Swiss skincare treatment which involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the face.  However, hydraluron offers a cheaper (and less painful!) alternative that can be used everyday.  It has been clinically proven to improve moisture levels in the skin and reduce skin roughness.

The serum has a gel consistency which makes it very easy to apply to the face and has no fragrance, so its a thumbs up for all you sensitive skin girls!  I have been applying this in the evening after cleansing and before applying moisturizer.
In terms of effectiveness, the serum has very quickly banished any signs of dry patches that  I tend to get on my forehead and cheeks which has made my foundation and concealer sit much better on my skin without using a primer.  And, its not an effect that wears off after a few hours, at the end of my day my skin still looks moisterized. 

At first it seems like quite a large price tag at £24.99 for 30ml of product (I was surprised how small the tube was!), but you have to remember, this is a serum so you only need a tiny amount each day so it should last you for months.  And don't forget!  This works so well, and in comparison to higher end products its a small price to pay.
The issues:  I use 'bedtime for breakouts' by clean start on a daily basis but I can't find a way to incorporate both of these into my routine as they work in opposite ways, one to prevent spots and blemishes, the other to improve moisture levels.
I also find that the lid doesn't contain the serum very well.  I have to leave it draining upwards otherwise it will end up all over my sink.
Over-hyped? Maybe a little, it does what it says on the tin/tube (which is rather promising) but it does one thing, moisturize your skin.

It turns out hydraluron is a real winner though.  Dry patches, be gone forever!  It has well and truly welcomed me into the serum world and there is no turning back.


  1. This looks amazing! i seriously need it in my life, if only it was available where i live!

    1. It is great, it's so hard to find cheap(er) serums that aren't anti-aging! Do you not live in the UK?


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