Sunday, 2 February 2014

Making Time for Life

Today’s post will be a little less beauty and a little more lifestyle.

I am currently typing this up in the car on my way home from my grandparents, to use the few free hours I have this weekend.  Can you catch the drift of this post already?
My poundland ‘Hunks’ calendar has been jam packed with house parties, a trip to London, after school coffees and meals out.

My school life fills the majority of my week, I am taking my A levels which means coursework building up and exams and deadlines looming.  Oh! And of course, plenty of late nights with only 7 hours sleep!
All of the work makes my free periods, not so ‘free’ and more filled with rushed last minute homework or in the art studio which leaves far less time for socialising!

I do enjoy my work but, it takes up the best part of a day out of my weekend which leaves me with one day to catch up on sleep, homework, tidying my room, seeing friends, errands and driving lessons.  So, what gives?  Some friends and errands have to be saved for quieter nights after school.  Unfortunately, my skin, sleep pattern and stress levels have all suffered.  It’s not all doom and gloom though, I do enjoy being busy and spending less time wallowing on my laptop.

In January I have been such a busy bee and February promises just as much with a trip to Italy, my art exam paper and a few nights out.  Hopefully I will get a few days off though!

Emma x

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