Saturday, 19 September 2015


I admit, you've had to wait a while to hear from me but I think it's been worth the wait.  Every time a Beauty Bay email pings into my inbox I can't help but have a browse.  However, being on a student budget and all that, I rarely buy anything.  However once I saw a tiny cat face peeking out of a MLBB lipstick shade, it took me less than 30 to place an order.

Introducing the Paul & Joe Autumn 2015 lipstick in 'Cafe Espresso 095'.

I have to confess, I hadn't heard anything about Paul & Joe before and didn't bother to research it before I placed my order, how unlike me!  Yes it's a risk (especially for someone who hates wasting money!) but it's a lipstick, with a cat in it.  What was I meant to do?
After a little bit of reading, I found that it's actually created using a Japanese candy making technique called 'Kinatro - ame'.  This is when layers of candy (or makeup in this case) are rolled together meaning that the cat face shape runs through the whole bullet of lipstick.
I've spent too long for my own good staring at this lipstick - the gorgeous case and tiny detailed cat face! And yes I was scared to ruin it and actually use the lipstick but when I did I was actually very impressed!
The lipstick has a sheer and creamy formula, it contains cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil, lavender oil, orange flower water and white lily extract which makes the lipstick very nourishing and moisterising.  However, this also means they do also have a limited wear time and need re-applying after 2-3 hours but the neutral shade and sheer formula make this very easy to do without a mirror.
This was definitely my favourite shade, it's the neutral pick of the Autumn 2015 collection and is a great everyday shade.  A little more brown toned but very similar to MAC Patisserie which is my current favourite lipstick.  If I had the money I'm sure I would try to get my hands on the red shade which also looks gorgeous!

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