Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Is there a blogger who hasn't tried this perfume?  Probably not!  And I can see why it's such a cult product!
I have to say I bought this solely on it's great reviews and actually had no idea what it smelt like as I bought it online.  At first sniff I was disappointed, it was nice, but not as amazing as I expected.  But a few days and load of compliments later, I was convinced I loved it!

First of all, the science of this perfume is so cool!  It's created using a single ingredient called 'Iso E Super' which is often used as a base note to many perfumes which adds a sense of allure. To the wearer it has a subtle velvety-woody note which melds with your pheromones to create a different fragrance which is equally amazing on everyone.  The scent vanishes and then resurfaces after some time but I notice that other people detect it more than I do!  This perfume is definitely a people-pleaser!

The scent is very unisex which I love more because I'm not a fan of very sweet and girly fragrances.

The fact that this doesn't have a lid is inconvenient because it means it's hard to travel with.  I bought the travel version which comes with a aluminium case that prevents leaks and breakage but I find this is bulky and heavy to carry too!

Aside from that I absolutely love this perfume!  It's perfect for everyday and evening wear and will definitely be repurchasing!

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