Sunday, 31 August 2014


As I recently had a wardrobe clear out, I found a few gems that had been at the bottom of various piles and forgotten. But since re-finding them I seem to have a load more clothing options! 

New Look print dress
I picked this up last year in aim to expand my dress collection and wore it a fair bit. Now I have fallen in love with it all over again!  I have been wearing this pretty number as much as possible.

Jack Wills jeans
These jeans hold a lot of memories and although I rarely wander into JW these days it used to be my favourite shop!  Although I'm not a massive fan of the brand now, these jeans have made the perfect summer piece, thin enough for hot days and a lovely light colour, rolled up at the bottom.  The perfect summer trouser.

Denim shirt
Such a classic and versatile piece. I have no idea how I forgot about it? Maybe it's the issue of 'what to wear it with?' To avoid 'denim on denim' which I really can't pull off!  I have been loving layering it under jumpers on slightly chilly days.

David and Goliath tee
I don't know about anyone else, but when I am having a pj day I like to wear t-shirts and I lost this adorable D&G one in my wardrobe for months!  Although people on the outside world are unlikely to see me wearing this one out and about, the occasional delivery man might get the pleasure!  (It might even make him chuckle!)

After clearing out my wardrobe and finding these gems I also had a lot of items that no longer fit me or I just don't like any more so I met up with a few friends to sell/trade our unwanted clothes.  It's really fun, you might make some money, get some new clothes at a bargain price and make some space in your wardrobe.  What's not to love?

The left over stuff can either be taken to a charity shop or to H&M who are currently accepting bags of unwanted clothes and textiles in exchange for vouchers, you can see more on this great campaign here (UK ONLY).

What are your hidden wardrobe gems?

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  1. Omg I used to love david and Goliath would love one of their hoodies!:) I like this idea!xx

    1. Thank you! David & Goliath was one of my favourite shops too, I still love the stuff though! xx


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