Monday, 7 April 2014

Review: the body shop big and curvy mascara

Over the years I have tried and tested my fair share of products from The Body Shop and loved them all! But from lipsticks to shampoo to body butter, I have never come across a product surrounded by so much controversy as this!  If you take a look on The Body Shop website, you will see that this mascara is labelled as a 'best seller', however after looking through the reviews I found this very misleading.
The reviews are mixed, its defiantly the marmite of mascaras, love it or hate it I thought I would share my own opinions;  the first thing that I noticed about this mascara was the wand, nothing too shocking but I rarely see a skinny wand with fibers (like a brush rather than a comb).  The wand picks up plenty of product, too much in some cases and can cause my lashes to clump together, but other times I have used it is has created lovely, long, natural looking lashes, never much volume though
As non-waterproof mascaras go, this one is pretty long lasting and holds a curl well (I don't curl my lashes often though).
One use that I love for this is on my bottom lashes, every time it subtly defines and lengthens them without smudging at all!

Overall, it's nice enough but doesn't give such a 'wow' feeling as others I have tried.  For £10 (not exactly the cheapest) I think there are plenty of other mascaras that are better than this, but who knows?  This might be the one you fall in love with?

Have you tried this mascara?

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